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Welcome to A Child’s View, Inc.

We are consolidating! Effective May 21th, our Huntington Beach location will be combined with Laguna Hills and Brea. Your records, warranties, prescriptions, etc., will be available at BOTH A Child’s View locations where you will continue to see all the familiar faces of our wonderful staff!

Should you have something to pick-up, we encourage you to come in before May 21th, but should that prove inconvenient, just give us a call and let us know which location you’d like us to transfer your order. We will have it transferred promptly to your chosen location.

A Child’s View, Laguna Hills                                              A Child’s View, Brea
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We sincerely thank you for the last twenty-five years in Huntington Beach and we hope to see you soon in Brea, Laguna Hills or both!

Katheryn, Robert, Julie, Debbie, Linda, Frank, Kristina, Tori, Barney and Alyssa. 

Top image 2Babiators and A Child’s View believe outfitting your child with Safe, Durable, and Awesome sunglasses is too important to let loss get in the way!  So, if your child’s Babiators polarized sunglasses are lost or broken within one year of purchase, Babiators will send you a FREE replacement (all you pay is shipping!).   Just register online within 30 days of purchase using the UPC code (12 digit number above the box’s bar code). We’ll give you all the information when you make your purchase.

FullSizeRenderA Child’s View pediatric opticians will help you select the best fitting sunglasses for your child—Sunglasses that are comfortable and offer protection against harmful UV rays. We’ll also explain how to care for your new Babiators and work with your child to establish life-long habits of wearing and caring for sunglasses.  (READ MORE)

OGI Kids combines fresh, contemporary flair with bold, wearable appeal!

Originality, quality, innovation and value.
Ogi blog post image

  • Durable and finely crafted
  • Small refined shapes
  • Fresh contemporary flair
  • Bold wearable appeal

This collection is unlike anything available on the market and is now available at  Laguna Hills,  & Brea.

Quality Eyewear, Products, and Service

Your child’s eyewear is very important to you and to us. At A Child’s View, your questions are answered, your anxieties alleviated, your child treated with respect and care, all in a family-friendly environment. While restless siblings play in our comfortable play area, experienced pediatric opticians gently guide you and your child through the entire selection process.

At A Child’s View, no prescription is too difficult, no face too small. From selection, to processing, to delivery and follow-up care, we give your child our very best. And, we’ve been doing it for almost 30 years!

Unique needs of your child’s eyewear

We understand the unique needs of a child and we take our quality commitment seriously. A Child’s View carries only the finest quality products, selected for durability, comfort, safety, and cosmetic appeal. All of our lenses are triple-checked for accuracy and guaranteed to surpass national ANSI standards. Each child is custom fitted and taught to wear and care for the new eyewear. Accurate frame adjustments are provided and routine care not only encouraged, it’s free of charge.